Nickel is widely used in modern technology and industrial areas


(1) electric vehicle nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries are nickel. Research and use the results by metal powder supplier show that the broad prospects for use in HEV power batteries,Nickel is widely used in modern technology and industrial areas Articles nickel-hydrogen battery performance, the amount of each of HEV nickel foam in 8-10 square meters, the benefit in hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) in the next 10 years. (2) heat-resistant alloys used in the manufacture of gas turbines. (3) magnetic materials, nickel has the greatest permeability, is the best soft magnetic materials. Applied to the head and transformer. (4) electronic and electrical materials. Nickel can produce a variety of sensors. Production of the resistance of strain; of NiO or Ni as a reducing atmosphere sensors and CD-ROM memory; Ni (OH) x as the photoelectric display materials; Ni easy to launch a current, widely used as the cathode of the tube, etc.. Ni is also widely used in high-energy rechargeable battery, such as the Ni-Cd, Zn-Ni, Fe-Ni, Ni-H2 battery and so on. (5) catalyst. The nickel-PGM than the cheap and difficult to poison, Guchang as activator for the hydrogenation of organic compounds, hydrogenolysis, isomerization, the restructuring of HC, desulfurization and gas-phase oxidation catalysis process. In particular, platinum group metals in the restructuring process can not be replaced by nickel. (7) hydrogen storage materials. LaNi5 is a good hydrogen storage materials, and low and can absorb large amount of hydrogen, a little buck-boost can be released. The LaNi5 more cheap, low pressure storage of hydrogen safety and economical, it has been widely used.

Ti-Ni shape memory alloy in the heating and cooling cycle, with the characteristics of the two-way repeated memory prototype heat eclipse, it is widely used. Thrombus filter is used in the medical field as spinal orthopedic rods, teeth, the orthopedic lips bowstring cerebral artery clip, plates, artificial joints, the femoral head cap, artificial heart, artificial muscles, artificial kidneys using a micro-pump. Hydraulic control of the jet in the industry for a variety of tubing connectors, subsea oilfield tubing connectors, cable connectors. The device switches in the appliance industry, the institutions of the cycle of vibration of a microwave heater overheating, current sensors, dryers, ovens and medical devices and other equipment in the hot air. Nickel can be used for a number of new functional materials, such as: hydrogen storage alloy and shape memory alloy. Pure nickel can be processed into plates, tubes, wire, foil, used in chemical, textile, food, radar, television and other nickel tube of concentrated caustic soda manufacturing equipment, nickel short fiber heat pipe core of the pipette can be used for the filtration of chemical equipment elements, nickel plate electric vehicle charging news for ultrasonic devices, nickel foil for the electronic device wire. Nickel powder for powder metallurgy products, magnetic alloys, and to control the expansion alloy, welding flux, metal ceramics. 70% of nickel powder used in the manufacture of batteries, nickel powder manufacture of electrodes for fuel cells, nickel not only for the usual plating, nickel-coated powder Hop powder, but also as a high spray material, Raney nickel catalyst for the catalytic hydrogenation of common ultrafine nickel powder has a better catalytic activity.

Nickel powder use is very extensive. Mainly used in five aspects: ` carbide (cutting tools, geological mining tools, wear parts, drawing dies, stamping dies, measuring tools, jigs, the impact of drilling tools, coal mining tools, geological drilling tools, oil well drilletc.); (2) the density of alloy (aerospace and aviation industry as a gyro rotor and the inertia of rotating components; used for armor-piercing kinetic energy bombs and missile warheads in the military industry; used as electromagnetic shielding materials in the health sector; electrical industry for weldingprocess materials, electrode materials and the contact material for the die-casting mold materials); machinery industry; b The iron-based powder (widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, power tools, office machinery, appliances, hydraulic parts, textile machinery productionin); c sintered stainless steel powder; d production of the catalyst, alkaline nickel-cadmium batteries, iron-nickel batteries, ceramics, glass and so on.

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